Philosophy of Learning

  • Learning is about creating and maintaining a positive attitude to learning both for personal and professional development

  • Learning is a continuous process that keeps child-like curiosity alive in adults and makes them learn new knowledge and skills daily

Research Philosophy

  • Research is used to understand the universe (that includes everything inside it) or solve problems faced by everyone

  • A good researcher needs to perform research to learn new knowledge should avoid all biases that affect results

  • A good engineer should be able to use the results obtained through research and convert them into useful applications and tools for progress

Teaching Philosophy

  • My teaching philosophy is to make the student learn through practice that builds critical thinking in every step

  • Creating passion towards the subject in students is essential which going to make them independent learners

  • Customize material for the needs of student or apprentice

  • Each student needs individual focus for best results

Life Philosophy

Riding to Future:

  • Fly, ride, run, or walk, in whatever manner I can to move towards the future and never stop moving forward

  • Making my journey exciting, ambitious, filled with passion and adventures

  • I am trying my best to avoid the rat race